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Open Schooling together: a joint collaboration between European projects

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9 European projects, among them School As Living Labs, started a joint collaboration to spread the word about how schools, local communities, policy-makers, museums, sciences centres and other local stakeholders can rethink learning boundaries.

Schools as Living LabsMake it OpenOpen Science Hub, SEAS, CONNECT, PHERECLOSPULCHRACOM n Play and System2020, funded by the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation program, work in the same direction: actively involving local communities in the teaching and learning process to help European schools becoming hotbeds of innovation and agents of community well-being.

Most of us promote the concept of open schooling: a concrete new way to approach science education programs by fostering collaboration between schools and local communities. Students, teachers, and their communities are invited to develop research and innovation projects to address relevant local challenges, contribute to community development, and promote an active global citizenship attitude.

Sharing the same goal, we developed common channels to raise awareness on the opportunities of open schooling and on the different methodologies to implement this concept.

You can find our latest guidelines, best practices, research outcomes, and upcoming events by following us on Twitter and Facebook and by signing up for the Open Schooling together e-newsletter.

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