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Schools as Living Labs


From research outcomes, articles, to the living-lab toolbox that will be created throughout this project.   

A roadmap that offers suggestions for schools and national coordinators on how to identify, approach and create a sustainable connection with external societal actors in living lab projects
An overview of the preparations for the pilot phase of SALL methodology implemented in 42 schools and in 10 different countries: overall situation, strategy and materials.
A conceptual and methodological framework for the evaluation of School As Living Labs’ activities
This roadmap gives the main elements to help teachers plan and implement open-schooling projects in and outside their classroom.
Common reference bibliography about Living Lab approaches, series of significant cases and glossary.
Description of the community of schools that will be exploring living-lab-based open schooling in the context of SALL
General principles and structure of the methodology that the SALL project will implement in order to facilitate the interaction between the participating school communities, other societal actors and, the project team.
SALL’s first newsletter is out!