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The 5th issue of the Open Schooling together newsletter is out!

This month we bring you our next edition, where we update you on some of the work we have been doing and share some interesting stories from across Europe:

  1. We share a piece by us, Schools As Living Labs, interviewing Claudia Aguirre from Association Traces on how she conducted the co-creation process that led to produce an accessible and adaptable learning methodology, suitable for various contexts.
  2. We highlight – not one – but three snapshots of our open schooling activities from the ground: in EstoniaSpain and Greece.
  3. We describe (and recommend) the service design methodology used by Make it Open to make sure their pedagogical tools were grounded in reality
  4. We offer you 12 videos made by CONNECT which provide learning methods and techniques on teaching strategies, learning activities and objectives, scientific discourse, open educators’ role and the nature of science    
  5. And of course, we offer a list of good reads and upcoming events we think you should keep an eye on.

Take a look (and don’t forget to subscribe)!

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