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Open Schooling in the Basque country

The Schools As Living Labs project hosted a national event on Open Schooling in early April in Bilbao with national coordinators from across Europe, STEM teachers and students sharing their experiences and tops and tips when implementing Open Schooling.
April 6, 2022
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Rosa Santibañez Gruber, vice-rector of research & transfer at University Deusto opened the event by reminding the audience of the great connection between the values of education and research: “We are really happy to welcome you because the Schools As Living Labs project is aligned with our values of inclusion and impact. Science is committed to serve social justice.”

Amaia Esquisabel, director of research at Irekia, the Basque Country Government, then emphasized on the importance to offer young people a realistic, positive and diverse image of STEM subjects and professions through innovative pedagogical approaches and projects.

This event was also the occasion for many Basque students engaged in the Schools As Living Labs project to present their progress, learning and achievement while setting up living-labs in their schools.

  • Students from the Colegio San Felix presented their Open Schooling project where they collaborated with stakeholders to reduce food waste in their school cantine and encourage people to exercise.
  • Students from the Colegio Madre de Dios (and their STEM teachers) were extremely creative by tackling issues related to food in their local community. They created an awareness video game using the Makey Makey tools and some old bananas
  • Students from the Colegio Jesus Maria displayed beautiful drawings and paintings they made to address bad food habits and encourage their peers to have a breakfast before starting the school day.
  • Finally, the students of the Colegio Andrés de Urdaneta, accompanied by their teachers, detailed and explained what they learned from the data they collected on the eating habits of their fellow students.

As the whole point of Open Schooling is to foster collaboration with schools and local partners to tackle problems relevant for the community, the event was closed by the presentations of two stakeholders, Gerard of Tecnalia & Amaia of the Ausolan founation, who described the challenges their institution face and how students can help.

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