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The Ecsite Conference puts Open Schooling on the agenda

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Schools as Living Labs (SALL) booth at the Ecsite 2023 Conference

In June 2023, Ecsite hosted nearly 900 participants in Malta, making Valletta a bustling hub for science museums, research centers, academics, industries, policy makers and educators.

During the conference from the 15th to 17th, Schools as Living Labs (SALL) gained visibility and became a focal point for those interested in open schooling and European projects through our interactive booth.

Under the title “Welcome to the Open School” and with a sustainable design created by the Belgian studio Visuality, designed by Zsofi Lang, SALL designed an original display and an inviting space to engage the public with its Living Lab methodology and its Toolbox.

Greta Alliaj, Ecsite
Claudia Aguirre, TRACES

To accomplish this goal, the booth was equipped with various interactive elements, including:

  1. A dispenser showcasing educational stories through augmented reality.
  2. Postcards featuring project materials and resources for distribution (e.g., Toolbox, Portfolio of Schools as Living Labs Projects).
  3. A collaborative drawing activity for participants to contribute to during the conference (see picture 1).
  4. A user-friendly digital presentation providing easy access to SALL’s Toolbox.
  5. A comment wall for posting ideas, brainstorming, and sharing thoughts on future EU projects.
  6. A photo wall to engage attendees in an interactive photo experience (see picture 2).

Positioned centrally within the conference hall, the SALL booth attracted numerous individuals seeking information about the project, making the Ecsite 2023 conference an ideal place to share this information with the right target audience.

Science centres, and museums educational and creative industries provide an informal learning environment that encourages visitors to explore science at their own pace, fostering open science synergies with schools. These institutions play a critical role in delivering educational experiences, particularly in STEM fields.

As a partner of the SALL project’s consortium, the European Network of Science Centres and Museums (Ecsite) connects, inspires, and empowers science engagement organizations and professionals, enhancing their reach and impact.

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