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Societal actors
Civil society, Enterprise, School
Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Technology
Societal challenges
Food system
Age Group
11-15, 15-18

Calandlyceum is a Dalton school with a strong focus on talent development and extracurricular activities. The principles of Dalton education are:

  1. Independence. Teachers act as coaches, helping students work and think independently.
  2. Freedom of choice. Students are given a lot of freedom when they can satisfactorily justify their choices and show they can take responsibility for these choices.
  3. Collaboration. Students often work together with their classmates in small groups and reflect on their own work.

Aside from these three aspect, students are given ample opportunity to explore and improve their individual talents. Accordingly, extracurricular activities and classes are organized both inside and outside the school. Technasium, sports classes and culture projects are some examples.

A total of 70 students participated in Living Labs for Calandlyceum. The living lab was embedded in the curriculum for the subject “Onderzoek & Ontwerpen” (Research & Design), as part of the Technasium program, in which the students already previously experienced working in groups for a specific stakeholder. However, working with multiple stakeholders on one particular case was new to them.


Annette van Baalen
National coordinator – NEMO science museum
School’s website

Photo credit: Technasium Calandlyceum