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Christelijk Lyceum Veenendaal

Societal actors
Enterprise, School
Societal challenges
Food system, Health, Sustainability
Age Group

Christeljik Lyceum Veenendaal is an open school with a foundation in Christianity. The concepts of room to grow and safety underpin education. The school aims to provide its students with different insights into different perspectives and apply these insights for their own personal development. Important skills for the students to learn are forgiveness, justice, and charity. The school encourages students to develop their talent and creativity. Currently, the school is transitioning toward a more project-driven way of teaching in the upper classes, which is what they are using the SALL principles for. This is the first time this school has collaborated with NEMO Science Museum on such a project. Accordingly, a Living Lab was created for 19 students, ages between 14 and 16 years old, and 5 teachers, in which the food system was combined with sports and a food manufacturer.

The project lasted three full days, spread out over several weeks.

On the first day, the students:

  • Listened to presentations from the catering businesses where they learned about working in catering and sustainable food;
  • Worked on defining the specific issue to be worked on during the project;
  • Prepared interview questions for their interview with other stakeholders
  • Conducted their interviews and recorded the data arising from these interviews.

On the second day, the students:

  • Processed the information they gathered from the Stakeholders during day one using the ‘starbursting’ method, and pitched their information to one of their teachers;
  • Brainstormed about making a healthy lunch;
  • Listened to a talk from a Jumbo employee about healthy products available in the supermarket;
  • Prepared a healthy and sustainable lunch in groups.

On the third day, the students:

  • Prepared questions about sustainable packaging;
  • Received a talk about sustainable packaging by a representative of Bareneveld verpakkingen en disposables;
  • Brainstormed ideas for sustainable packaging;
  • Prepared and held a presentation about their ideas;

Throughout the project, some feedbacks were collected:

This was the first time the teachers set up and were involved in such a project and they enjoyed working with the stakeholders and students were more motivated to work. The school leaders were very enthusiastic about SALL and what it can bring to their school. This is exemplified by the fact that they are allowing SALL to continue in the new school year, and have allocated a lot of hours that can be spent on the development of this project to the teachers involved. The coordinator of the Economics and Social Business stream is leading the development of the project and is planning to get the entire school involved. Some societal actors indicated they enjoyed working with the students and got inspiration from them.


Annette van Baalen
National coordinator – NEMO science museum
School’s website

Photo credit: Katja Effting