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Jan Arentsz

CSG Jan Arentsz

Societal actors
Civil society, School
Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Technology
Societal challenges
Food waste
Age Group

Jan Arentsz’ mission is to show students that they can change the world. They try to achieve this by facilitating a comfortable environment and giving room for personal development, giving students space and time for self-discovery, having an invested relationship with parents and collaborating with students to continuously improve the education and curriculum.

Jan Arentsz employs a contemporary interpretation of the Christian core values. At Jan Arentzs everyone is treated with respect and allowed to be who they are, regardless of race, color, sexual identity or identity. Teachers and students look after each other and make use of each other’s talents.


Annette van Baalen
National coordinator – NEMO science museum
School’s website

Photo credit: Brite Wireless