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Escola Secundária Pedro Alexandrino

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Arts, Biology, Chemistry, Economics, Geography, History, Language, Literature, Maths, Philosophy, Physical education, Physics, Technology
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Pedro Alexandrino Secondary School is the headquarters of the Pedro Alexandrino School Group (AEPA). It is located where the parishes of Póvoa de Santo Adrião and Olival de Basto meet, in the municipality of Odivelas, district of Lisbon.

This school has a very diverse population, integrating students from 27 different nationalities and several social strata.

The school develops multiple projects, such as Clube da Ciência Viva na Escola, JardinArt`Ambiente, Promoção e Educação para a Saúde, Clube das Artes, Projeto Acolher e Integrar, which aim to give to the students a voice, and simultaneously, promote their teamwork capabilities, creativity and critical thinking.

In this school, the SALL methodology is being developed during 2021.


Gisela Oliveira
National coordinator, Ciência Viva
School website