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Kfar Galim

Societal actors
Families, Public authorities, School
Arts, Biology, Chemistry, Citizenship, Earth or Space sciences, Economics, Geography, History, Language, Literature, Maths, Philosophy, Physical education, Physics, Sociology, Technology
Societal challenges
Environment, Food production, nutrition, Packaging
Age Group

This Living Lab focuses on sustainable nutrition. Our aim is to encourage people to consume their food in ways that will help to preserve our environment for the long run. Solution to this type of challenge can be very diverse, and may address food packaging, carbon footprint of food production, sustainable types of foods, and many more.

During the project, students will choose the specific challenge while consulting and collecting ideas from local residents (using questionnaires etc.), and accordingly work on possible solutions. For building the products, the students will use some of the experts and professional equipment of the youth village near the school. The students’ families will serve as potential customers for pilot-testing the proposed solutions.


Yair Ben-Horin
National coordinator – ORT Israel