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OŠ Veljko Dugošević Turija Serbia

OŠ “Veljko Dugošević”

This rural school gathers children from several villages in eastern Serbia. It is a vibrant place for the entire community and a space for educational, cultural and social activities within and beyond curricula.
Societal actors
Enterprise, Families, Public authorities, Research center, School, Science center
Arts, Biology, Chemistry, Citizenship, Earth or Space sciences, Economics, Geography, History, Language, Literature, Maths, Philosophy, Physical education, Physics, Technology
Societal challenges
Age Group
11-15, 5-8, 8-11

Turija’s surrounding area is also known as agricultural and vegetative. Moreover school canteen is probably a favourite place for both the school staff and the children. With warm pastry and delicious smells it seems like a right place for a living lab project addressing the topic of the food system!

In this school SALL methodology will be developed and tested during 2021.


Jelena Joksimović
National coordinator – Center for the promotion of science
School website