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Primary School of Stavraki

Societal actors
Civil society, Enterprise, Families, Public authorities, School
Arts, Citizenship, Earth or Space sciences, Economics, Geography, History, Language, Literature, Maths, Physical education, Physics, Sociology, Technology
Societal challenges
Age Group
5-8, 8-11

The Primary school of Stavraki – Ioannina is located in a suburb of the city of Ioannina. It is a very active school community, with rich open schooling activity. The school has implemented a number of environmental, health, culture, and local history education projects, as well as belonging to the Schools-Ambassadors of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals. The students are familiar with exploratory, experiential and project-based learning activities which aim at promoting volunteering, solidarity, participatory processes, cooperation and active citizenship. The school is open to synergies with the local community, and in frequent collaboration with organizations and societal actors such as the parents’ association, the University of Ioannina, the Municipality of Ioannina, and various civil society actors.

The school has decided to develop a living lab project on waste management in the school, in four main directions:

  • creation of a school volunteer group that will monitor the progress and development of waste management action within the school, in collaboration with the school cleaning staff and the class teachers
  • preparation of an information campaign and creation of a recycling model with waste sorting at the source, using special bins
  • management of organic waste (leftovers from students’ school break meal and lunch), and their disposal for feeding stray animals in the area
  • and participation in the School Recycling Championship of the Municipality of Ioannina

Although the limitations due to the COVID-19 pandemic during the SALL pilot in 2020-2021 did not allow the school living lab activities to adequately involve the societal actors, the planning of the project foresees collaboration with the cleaning staff of the school, the parents’ association, voluntary organizations, as well as the Municipality of Ioannina and the local council of the Municipal Community of Stavraki. Despite the difficulties caused by the pandemic, the school careful planned a full living lab project for the next school year, and managed to raise awareness among students in relation to waste management in the school and the reasons that make this an important issue.


Pavlos Koulouris
National coordinator, Ellinogermaniki Agogi
School website