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Regional High School of Kokkinotrimithia

Societal actors
Civil society, Enterprise, Families, Public authorities, Research center, School, Science center
Arts, Biology, Chemistry, Citizenship, Earth or Space sciences, Economics, Geography, History, Language, Literature, Maths, Philosophy, Physical education, Physics, Sociology, Technology
Societal challenges
Environment, Waste
Age Group

In this Living Lab project, the students and teachers of the school are interested in addressing the need of establishing an official collection and disposal route for recyclable materials within their community. The group of students from this school will explore this problem and try to offer solutions while co-operating with members of their community as well as parents, local authorities, non-governmental organisations, recycling national companies and waste managers. With the support from these societal actors, the school community wishes to make a positive impact on their community.


Yvoni Pavlou
National coordinator – University of Cyprus
School’s website

  • Project news
In Cyprus, many schools involved in the Schools As Living Labs project are really concerned about the amount of food wasted in their communities. With the collaboration of many external partners, they explored, tested and developed interesting alternatives.