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SŠ Ambroza Haračića

This is the only high school situated at the Island of Lošinj with several different programs of secondary education. Main activities in this local community are highly connected with the touristic sector and are relying on the attractive and pristine natural environment.
Societal actors
Civil society, Enterprise, Families, Museum, Public authorities, Research center, School, Science center
Arts, Biology, Chemistry, Citizenship, Earth or Space sciences, Economics, Geography, History, Language, Literature, Maths, Philosophy, Physical education, Physics, Sociology, Technology
Societal challenges
Age Group

One of the biggest challenges in preserving this environment is to tackle the problem of marine litter. Among the most frequent items found as marine litter stranded at the beaches are food wrappings and packages. The group of students from this school will explore this problem and try to offer the solutions cooperating with the local supermarkets, consumers, waste managers and authorities.

This project will be conducted during the spring 2021 using SALL methodology approach.


Jelena Basta
National coordinator, Blue World Institute
School website