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Vox College

Vox College

Societal actors
Enterprise, School
Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Technology
Societal challenges
Food system, Sustainability
Age Group

Vox College is a school for students who are curious, who like to experiment, to discover new things, and have a hands on mentality. Students are investigative and enterprising. Students do not work in a classroom, but on one large learning plaza. Here students work together with other motivated students, of all levels, who all have different ideas and experiences. Hence, they learn from and with each other!

For each project, the different subjects are bundled around a theme and each project consists of a theoretical part and a practical assignment. Students work on projects together, but at the same time they can follow their own learning path. An example of a project is a Living Lab about the food system.


Annette van Baalen
National coordinator – NEMO science museum
School’s website

Photo credit: Vox College