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Masterclass #1 – The arts and media centre’s perspective

In January 2021, Schools As Living Labs organised 4 webinars to build a common culture of living lab methodologies and to try answering a fundamental question: what makes a project a living-lab project? The answer from the arts and media charity, Knowle West Media Centre
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Living labs bring together citizens, artists, technologists, business, academics and public sector organisations to co-create ideas, tools and technologies that address local challenges. In Bristol, UK, Lorraine Hudson and Penny Evans from the arts charity Knowle West Media Centre manage the development of social innovation projects. They support people to make positive changes in their lives and communities, using technology and the arts to come up with creative solutions to problems and explore new ways of doing things. They also operate The Factory, an award-winning making and training space. The Factory provides access to new digital manufacturing technologies, offers product design and prototyping services for clients, and delivers a range of free training courses.

How do they ensure the inclusion of people at risk of social and digital exclusion? How do they use their arts and media background to engage with their community? What is The Bristol Approach? Play the video…