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Masterclass #2 – The student’s perspective

In January 2021, Schools As Living Labs organised 4 webinars to build a common culture of living lab methodologies and to try answering a fundamental question: what makes a project a living-lab project? The answer from Elin, a 13 years-old student who participated in collaborative project.
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Within SALL, schools, including specially students, are going to work with societal actors to co-create solutions tackling local issues. This means that students will work with adults and professionals they hardly know. What is it like for a 13-year-old to work with adults? What makes it difficult? What makes it rewarding? We thought that the best to find out was to ask a teenager involved in this kind of project!

Elin, 13 years-old, is in 9th grade at CalandLyceum in Amsterdam. In her school, students learn STEM by working on real assignments given by industrials or other local stakeholders.