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Masterclass #3 – The designer’s perspective

In January 2021, Schools As Living Labs organised 4 webinars to build a common culture of living lab methodologies and to try answering a fundamental question: what makes a project a living-lab project? The answer from a designer.
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How designers use the living-lab approach? How design can help facilitate living lab projects? And how the designer’s perspective can help us better understand the philosophy behind the living lab approach?

Emeline Brulé is a designer and lecturer in the School of Engineering and Informatics at the University of Sussex, and is part of the Creative Technology research Group. They received their PhD from Télécom Paris in 2018. Their PhD thesis focused on schooling experiences of visually impaired children in France, and how inclusion could be improved by the design of a more multisensory curriculum. They have been involved in several living-lab projects in the last 8 years.