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Masterclass #4 – The science centre’s perspective

In January 2021, Schools As Living Labs organised 4 webinars to build a common culture of living lab methodologies and to try answering a fundamental question: what makes a project a living-lab project? The answer from the science centre, Le Dôme
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The living-lab methodology can also transform the traditional approach of culture and education. Le Dôme, a French cultural space dedicated to research and participatory innovation, switched from the traditional approach to the living lab approach. What does this mean for their activities? What did they change, transform, abandon or adapt? And what does this imply for the people working there?

After fifteen years of piloting scientific cultural projects steeped in digital, pop culture, and ornithology, François Millet took part in the adventure of designing and piloting Le Dôme. He deploys a cultural program where researchers, communities, businesses, and creative communities come together with citizens to prototype new objects, uses, and services in a spirit of responsible research and innovation.