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Roadmap for Living Labs in Education

This document offers all the partners, stakeholders, teachers and trainers more details about the benefits of the SALL methodology.
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The Roadmap For Living Labs in Education is made to inspire and help you transform the way you plan and implement education projects using the Living Lab methodology. It takes its roots in Open Schooling.

The goal is to empower students to become actors in their educational journey and provide meaning to what they learn at school by building sustainable solutions with their community.

This hands-on manual will provide you with an easy and flexible methodology, some inspiring examples of existing Living Labs projects in Education, and practical tools that have been tested and approved by educators across Europe. It contains, among other things, icebreaking, practical activities to create a supportive and caring community and the recording of masterclasses exploring what the approach can bring to culture and education.

The Living Lab approach holds the potential to benefit students, teachers, schools and the local community It has yielded numerous benefits for all participants, among them a positive impact on science attitudes, civic engagement and motivation. This methodology can require a stronger motivation than more traditional approaches, but it’s so rewarding! Dont’ be too ambitious in the beginning and start small. A project can always grow later. There are also many rewarding possibilities to build around existing projects that you have already implemented.

This roadmap for Living Lab in education will help you gather a strong community around your initiatives and build new relationships inside and outside your institution.