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A workshop to keep going forward

Students from the Jean Jaures HIgh School in France presented their living lab projects to professionals to keep going forward.

Last April 13, 30 students from Jean Jaurès High School met a nutritionist, a sports teacher, a project officer from a fair trade association and 3 science communicators to discuss their living-lab projects developed in the framework of SALL. Their projects are related to several topics, among others: sports and food, good nutrition, school orchard and lack of breakfast in school.

This workshop, organised by the teacher Mrs. Sylvie Gandon and the TRACES association, was the opportunity for the students to get advice on the solutions they want to implement to tackle these issues, and to receive new ideas from professionals in the field to keep going forward. On top of that, the city hall of Montreuil expressed its support for some of the student’s initiatives. That’s a great achievement and something the students should be proud of! 

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