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Lycée Jean Jaurès

Societal actors
Civil society, Enterprise, Families, Public authorities, School
Citizenship, Sociology, Technology
Societal challenges
Health, nutrition, Sustainability, Well-being
Age Group

This high school already tackled some issues linked with food waste in previous projects. But the starting point of this living lab project, developed by two classes with their economics and social sciences teachers, is quite different this year and focuses on the students’ eating habits. Teachers and students will work in a complementary way to engage with the complexity of the food system in all its dimensions: from the field to the fork but also across the numerous levels involved locally, nationally, in Europe and beyond, where a transdisciplinary approach is crucial.

The project started with an exploration phase during which students watched two movies: Un monde obèse and Douce France and discussed the challenges of the food system. They created mind maps of eating habits to reveal influencing chains of factors. They also observed that very few students have a proper breakfast before starting the day.

Students then worked with an external partner and a sociologist to conceive a survey that was circulated in 5 classes of the high school. The next step? Processing the results of the questionnaire and choosing which solutions to prototype.


Aude Ghilbert
National coordinator, Association Traces
School website

  • Project news
Students from the Jean Jaures HIgh School in France presented their living lab projects to professionals to keep going forward.