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SALL Community


In France, the living-lab based open schooling methodology will be implemented in 5 schools in 2021 and in 10 schools in 2022. The participating schools will build local communities by engaging relevant societal actors in their living-lab activities. Have a glimpse of some of the pilot school communities and follow their journeys.

National coordinator
TRACES is a think-and-do tank on science, science communication, science education and science in social contexts. Its actions revolve around three main axes: interdisciplinary reflection on science and its social impacts; training in science & society and science engagement; consulting on Responsible Research and Innovation, Open Science, Open schooling, science and society.

Local Communities

  • France
  • Food system
  • France
  • Environment
  • Food production
  • Renaturing
  • France
  • Health
  • nutrition
  • Sustainability
  • Well-being
  • France
  • Sustainability

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