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Newsletter #3 – The actor’s perspective

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OStogether’s third newsletter is out!
In this issue, we interview teachers, school administration, scientists and students from the CONNECT project and collected their perspectives and opinions on their participation in Open Schooling pilots, after one year of experimentation. We share our public consultation to co-create education policies where we would like to count with your participation. You will also find 2 useful tools for teachers and practitioners eager to start an open-schooling journey: the SALL road map for schools and the Phereclos’ briefing papers. And as usual, some short stories and pictures shared by teachers. In this issue, Magi from Israel, Suzanne from The Netherlands, and Oscar from Spain told us how they implemented open-schooling in their classroom and what it has brought to the students and themselves!

All that and more in this third issue. Take a look (and don’t forget to subscribe)